ARG - Atiq Ur Rahman Group started their business in 1972 in Pakistan as a retailer. Within short period in 1980 ARG started its wholesale operations and worked as regional distributor for many food companies. In 2002, ARG established its first distribution business in Jalalabad Afghanistan by the name of Atiq u Rahman Ltd. In 2009 ARG restructured its group and brought all businesses under the umbrella of Atiq u Rahman Group. ARG is one of the largest FMCG & Food distributor of Afghanistan having personal offices and operations in Jalalabad, Kabul, Ghazni, Kandahar, Takhar, Pul e Khomri, Kunduz, Badakhshan, Khost and Herat.

ARG is the national distributor of many multinational companies including P&G Pakistan Pvt. Ltd, Gillette Pakistan Pvt. Ltd, Dabur International Ltd, Atlas Honda, Mondelez International (Pakistan), Gujranwala Foods (JoJo), Asian Foods (Mayfair). BP Sweets, Azhar Corporation (Gai Soap & Oil), Sheraz Bubble, Malik Foods, and Volka International (Giggly).

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ARG - Business

ARG main objective is to create a relationship with its valued members, dealers ad retailers that have exceeded the expectations & preparing long term connection. AR Group diversify its business into three business lines including.

Food Stuff Products
Motor and Motorcycle Batteries

ARG is combination of number of companies that is involved in different fields of business . It has the capacity to provide all Food, Cosmetics and related products and service in specific time with effective service. ARG has a wholesale & retailer operation dealing with all kind of quality products. With our qualified and experienced crew, we can guarantee our customers with quality products and services. We pursue this aim by generating extra value for customers through our subsidiaries located in regional areas of Afghanistan.

At the same time we set out to create a working environment that stimulates and inspires our customers. We have the best training programs, best distribution network and superb knowledge of marketing and sales that empowers ARG to develop and progress as leading firm in Afghanistan. The strategy of focusing on providing healthy and quality products enabled us to maintain the long term relationship with dealers, retailers and end users.

ARG- Marketing Research

Marketing Research plays a very significant role in identifying the needs of customers and meeting them in best possible way. The main task of Marketing Research is systematic gathering and analysis of information that has been collected from targeted area. ARG conducts its market research to find out more about their final consumers. ARG only focuses on target areas where our products are well-known and expanding step by step to the new area and besides this we are always in search of new market in different corners of Afghanistan to expand more. ARG uses questionnaire that is filled out in field by its technical people from end-user, retailer and dealer. This information gives us a snapshot which enable us to decide for our future programs. ARG do an observation at field level taking its technical crew to find out about the satisfaction of consumer and status of product used by end users.

ARG - Quality Assurance

ARG quality control group makes sure that only healthy food stuff, cosmetics and motor batteries and best resulted products would be delivered to the targeted destination. AR Group works to maintain and improve the highest quality standards. QRG uses quality assurance practices during loading, unloading and testing the safe delivery of products that are very delicate and sensitive.

There is a proper countdown and physical checkup for product condition and inventory. AR Group do provide an advice to its customers while delivering the product with necessary arrangements. Every product lot is tested at various stages and locations to ensure the delivery of quality products to its final destination. Proper transport system is selected to carry out the delivery on time. Keeping in mind the Total Quality Management (TQM) for all food stuff and other product lots are tested for the quality parameters. AR Group would like to give you the assurance of good quality goods which are imported from reputed international companies.